Student Loans in Germany for International Students


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It is not expensive to study in Germany; in fact, it is nearly free. To study in Germany, you merely need to manage your living expenses. However, many students lack even this kind of funding. In that situation, loans are useful.

State-backed finance such as BAföG or KfW student loans, as well as conventional personal loans, are available for international students in Germany. However, as a foreign national, it can be challenging to be approved for a government loan. These financing types have strict requirements for eligibility.


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Can international students get a loan in Germany?

In Germany, foreign students can typically apply for a loan, although there are a variety of considerations. Stick rules apply to state-sponsored loans like BAföG and KfW, and only a select group of foreign nationals are eligible for funding.


Working a part-time job is the greatest way for international students to pay for their studies in Germany. You may work up to 240 half-days or 120 full days each year. Bartending, café service, babysitting, or tutoring are some examples of regular student occupations.

Taking out a personal loan is an additional choice. These can be used for any purpose, not just to pay for educational costs.

Student loans in Germany: What are your options?

Here are the main lending options for international students in Germany:

  • BAföG
  • KfW student loan
  • Personal loan

Best loans for international students in Germany

Loan provider Interest rate Loan amount (EUR) Loan term (months) Success rate Bonus
Smava 0,40% – 10,90% 500 – 120,000 12 – 120 High Fast processing time
Auxmoney average 4,42% 1,000 – 50,000 12 – 84 High Fast payout
1822direkt 2,49% to 7,31% 2,500 – 50,000 12 – 120 Average Free bank account
Tarifcheck 0,68% to 5,99% 1,000 – 100,000 12 – 120 High Best rates on the market
Verivox From 0,0%; Average – 3,52% up to 100,000 12 – 120 High Find best rates through detailed comparison